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custom music for TV & film

Hip Hop Cues

East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Trap and everything in between.  These instrumental cues will help breathe urban flavor into your video production.

Dramedy Cues

Sneaky, cute, mischievous, and delightfully quirky, these cues will add an endearing sense of humor to any moment with light comedic overtones.

Tension Cues

Percussive, pensive, and powerful.  These cues will have audiences on the edges of their seats as they ramp up tension in any scene that needs an extra dose of anxiety.

Hip Hop (with vocals)

Bangin’ music with vocalists that ooze attitude.  These tracks – written specifically for TV, film, and trailers – are packed with universal lyrics and a healthy supply of cocky swagger.

Urban Comedy

A mash-up of dramedy and hip hop, these cues supply that extra sneaky and snarky factor that is a mainstay of reality TV.  Perfect for comedic interactions, or back-stabbing camera confessionals.

Horror Cues

From atmospheric drones to over-the-top shockery, these cues will bring horror to life.  Equally suited for slashers, hauntings, monsters, possessions, demons, and all other forms of death and destruction.

Country Cues

From modern, to traditional, to rootsy, to redneck, to even Spaghetti Western, there’s a cue here for anything distinctly American, which will add the musical equivalent of a “Made in the USA” stamp to any production.

Pop (with vocals)

These vocal pop songs range from urban to synth to EDM-based, and sparkle with slick modern production.  Universal lyrics allow them to be dropped into video without conflict between words and imagery.

Hick Hop Cues

Gitcher cowboy boots, drink a PBR, and throw on your Beats by Dre headphones.  These cues mash-up country and hip hop, and will add youthful energy and modern attitude to any rustic production.

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